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Antonella Valsecchi was born in Milan in 1967. Raised in the family Company where she learned quickly the techniques and the secrets of the fur art, Antonella refines her experience in the classrooms of Marangoni Design School in Milan and at the Saga International Design Center in Copenhagen. The studies broaden her creative horizons and push her to develop a more new and modern product: “My furs – she says – are conceived and manufactured like to be clothes.This concept gives them lightness, comfort and convenience, features that make them suitable for modern women, women always active and dynamic who don’t give up their femininity and elegance”. To be worn anywhere, in any occasion and with every look, “my furs have a soul, they transmit emotions: they are pure pleasure to wear”. To create them Antonella doesn’t follow the Fashion: she prefers to be inspired … “While I’m creating I don’t affect the trends of the moment: I don’t want to limit my creativity to a predefined scheme. I want freedom to do uniqueness.And so I entrust myself to the life I’m living: the nature that surrounds us, the experiences of each day, the images that pass in front of my eyes, the places I find in my many travels, the curiosity I discover in vintage markets … every experience becomes the starting point of a creative process that moves forward in the gradual transformation of the fur, living material in my hands”.


It’s almost a century since the name “Valsecchi” is synonym of quality and elegance in the fur world. Infact we were in 1920 when the brothers Angelo and Felice Valsecchi founded the VALSECCHI FUR COMPANY, an atelier for wholesale and retail sale of fur products. Opened in Bertarelli place, in the historical center of Milano, the Company quickly earns the respect and the recognition of an attentive and demanding audience. Thanks to Angelo and Felice professionalism, infact to create beautiful and attractive garments they could rely on precious materials, high quality manufacture and italian qualified workforce. Today these same elements distinguish the Antonella Valsecchi furs who, perpetuating the family tradition, creates seasonal collections for sale to the best luxury department stores worldwide. Besides the production, Antonella Valsecchi offers specialized services such as repair, rework, refurbishment model and design consultancy for your furs.